Arman Behta Trading Company was established in spring 2010 in response to the needs of Jihad Nasr Group in Kerman and started its activities as a commercial arm of Nasr Group companies. Mission of the Company is reducing operational costs of Jihad Nasr Group by providing timely and quality supplies for the companies of Jihad Nasr Group in Kerman. Main activities of the Company are in the field of supplying tyres for mining and road construction machinery, diesel lubricants, mining machinery and road construction spare parts and providing commercial services (purchasing goods from all over the world, international contracts, financing, clearance, and customs affairs.)

OTR Tires

We are one of the largest importers of mineral tires in the country, importing more than 2,500 mineral tires last year. Due to the company's experience in international imports and communications, we were able to prevent more than 500 mining machines from being shut down under the harsh conditions of sanctions.. We were able to provide customers with the best advice on their purchasing plans by regularly monitoring customer information and checking the performance of tires in different working conditions. In 2020, we obtained the after-sales service license of most American and European brands in the country, we are ready to provide services to all our customers..

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    طبقه پنجم، واحد ۵۱۱


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